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Destyni’s Blog

Get to Know You GamesJust a list of fun games that we played on the first night of OIDJ '17 [June 24th, 2017]Tissue Paper Tear-off: Grab a roll of toilet paper and have everyone tear off the amount that they would use if going to the bathroom. For each square …


Anushka’s Blog

SunsetsIt's funny, we all see sunsets differently - yet it's the same sun setting.We are all unique and we all see things differently.It's what makes us human.As a society we loose sight of the fact that we aren't always going to be on the same side of the discussion and …


Claudia’s Blog

Striving for DiversityAs a journalist it is my responsibility to include all sectors of society. I am the voice of the voiceless. I am the power for the powerless. I am the hope for the hopeless and I will always strive to be diverse in my thinking. ... read moreSource: …


Gigi’s Blog

YoungLife and the Impact "It is something more than just finding Christ. You find yourself too." Argyle YoungLife is a group of high school aged teenagers that are searching for love, faith, and friendship. This organization is something that has been around for a long time in the Argyle community, allowing kids …

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A huge thank you from the OIDJ 2015 participants

The  following quotes come from the 2015 OIDJ high school participants from all over the state. The students and the OIDJ director would like to thank the Dow Jones News Fund and the Gaylord College for their financial support this year. “Everyone with a hand in this program has allowed many …

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Moore’s tornado recovery steady but slow

by Destiny Washington Thirteen months after a tornado blasted a mile-wide, five-mile-long path through Moore, Okla., the city is still recovering. “We lost so much out of all of this, but it’s home,” said Catherine Troy, a resident since November 2012. “Dear God, keep us safe. Those were my last …


Teen moms struggle with conflicting roles of mother and student

by Destiny Smith Because she is pregnant and 15, the future may be different for Reyna Rodriguez. In September, she is expecting a girl. Unlike many pregnant teens, Reyna said she and her boyfriend, 16, had planned to have a baby, though not necessarily so soon. She said her parents …

LGBT Oklahomans celebrate their pride

by Destiny Smith When folks celebrated the Pride 2014 Block Party in Oklahoma City, same-sex marriage was legal in 19 states, eight more than a year ago. “Oklahoma needs to get with the times,” said Dawn Evans, who was at the party with Sheri Bott, her wife of 11 years. …

Does music improve academic development?

by Micah Roberts Think of a world without music. Think of all the lifeless faces walking the streets with apathetic expressions. The days would seem longer. Without music, the world might even become shrouded in a despair that wouldn’t be able to be repaired. That is how important music is. …

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