A huge thank you from the OIDJ 2015 participants



The  following quotes come from the 2015 OIDJ high school participants from all over the state. The students and the OIDJ director would like to thank the Dow Jones News Fund and the Gaylord College for their financial support this year.

“Everyone with a hand in this program has allowed many students the opportunity to really learn and stir up some great potential. I have seen students become very inspired in just a matter of days. You are all so great, thank you again.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have experience in the world of journalism… Journalism is definitely a career I could see myself doing. I also really appreciate the ability to participate in this camp cost free.”

“Nowhere else can you get this experience. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work along amazing reporters and journalists who have years of experience and who took time off to come guide us in on our adventure in journalism.”

“I loved every minute of it, and I learned so much in so little time. None of that would have been possible for anyone here without your help, so thank you again for all you do for us as students.”

“Thank you so much for sponsoring our OIDJ experience. It was a life-altering week and we could not have done it without your help.”

“Thank you so much for giving us students an opportunity to learn and experience journalism! I made friendships and learned knowledge that will last a life time.”

“This camp will have a lasting impact on me. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. You are helping foster an environment where young, aspiring journalists can learn skills that will take them far in their future careers, and for that we thank you.”

“This camp has taught me so much about diversity, even more than I thought I would. I’ve enjoyed staying at the OU campus and I’ve learned so much about the campus in general.”

“I am very grateful for you generous donations, this workshop has given me an experience that I would not have anywhere else. Coming from a small school in the city, there is not much interest in journalism. Now hopefully I can encourage others to do this.”

“OIDJ has been a great emersion into the journalism world. I am now confident in what I want to pursue and I want to say thank you to the people that have funded and founded this amazing program. I would not have found friends that have the same interests and solidified my choice in OU.”

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I cannot thank you enough for this great experience with an amazing staff.”

“I would really like to take the time and tell you how much I appreciate this experience you allowed me to have. Words cannot explain how thankful and grateful I am to you.”

“After this week, I feel I have learned more than I ever could have without this opportunity at a young age. Thank you for funding this.”

“Thank you for sponsoring our OIDJ workshop. I had an amazing time, made some great memories, and learned an abundance of new information. This was an excellent opportunity that couldn’t have been done without your contribution.”

“It was a great hands on experience to develop journalism skills that could be applied to the daily life.”

“Thank you all for making this workshop possible. My school does not have a newspaper or journalism class so I really got to experience what it’s like having a story and a deadline.”

“It opened my eyes to how important this work ethic could change the world around us and to open many doors to connect with others. I also want to congratulate you because you funded a successful program and most likely showed many young people to their possible future.”

“Thank you so much for providing OIDJ with funding to run this amazing journalism workshop. I learned so much from Melanie and the rest of the staff, including our peer counselors. This experience has been life changing for me, not only as a young journalist but also as a person.”