Students struggle to pay for housing


Along with the 5-percent tuition increase at The University of Oklahoma for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, the cost of living on campus is also growing more expensive.

The Oklahoma Daily reported June 20 that on-campus living rates such as “standard residence halls, apartments and meal plans” will undergo a 3-percent increase. With these new rates, some students are starting to seek ways to earn and save more money.

One of the ways students can do this is by seeking employment on campus.

Azden Randle, an international studies and pre-med student, wanted a residential adviser position (RA) for the upcoming school year.

“It was either that (an RA position) or Traditions (Square),” Randle said. Traditions Square is an upperclass apartment community affiliated with OU.

However, Randle wasn’t selected for the RA position, which would have provided her with free room and board. Instead, she is relying on her OU cafeteria job to help pay the bills at Traditions Square, her housing choice for the fall.

Working for OU Housing and Food is a viable option for students.

Randle has been employed by the cafeteria since the end of spring semester.

“They pay you enough to pay for housing and food,” Randle said. Randle also earns money from babysitting for a family occasionally.

Getting a job as an RA is competitive because of the large pool of candidates. The process for becoming an RA begins with enrolling into a semester long class with between 150 and 200 students.

However, there are only 80 positions available per year and anyone who has taken the RA class is eligible to apply to interview for a position.

Working isn’t an option for some students.

Maddyson Allgood, a sophomore studying public relations, has never had a job because her parents wanted her to focus on academics. She has a scholarship that depends on maintaining a GPA of at least 3.5.

For Allgood, the prospect of getting a job while trying to maintain her grades is somewhat scary.

“I’m hoping that I don’t have to take a part-time job, but if I do to make expenses, I will,” Allgood said.