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  • YoungLife and the Impact
     "It is something more than just finding Christ. You find yourself too." Argyle YoungLife is a group of high school aged teenagers that are searching for love, faith, and friendship. This organization is something that has been around for a long time in the Argyle community, allowing kids from all backgrounds ... read more
    Source: Gigi’s BlogPublished on Mon-06-17
    8 months ago
  • The Pride of the Town
    Coming from a small town outside of a college town in Texas, sports is something that holds a whole lot of pride to the people in this area. Football, in particular, is a sport that is very popular in the great state of Texas. Friday Night Lights is an event for ... read more
    Source: Gigi’s BlogPublished on Sun-06-17
    8 months ago
  • Beginners Nerves
    The rush of adrenaline you feel when you step out of your car and on the campus of a college as a mere sophomore in high school is indescribable. You feel as if you have an expectation to meet, but that you're actually going to inevitably fail in front of ... read more
    Source: Gigi’s BlogPublished on Sat-06-17
    8 months ago